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{Cabana} FAQs

{Cabana} FAQs

Does {Cabana} take reservations?

  • While we operate primarily on a first come first served basis, {Cabana} is open to a limited number of 2-10 person reservations daily through OpenTable.
  • We offer partial buyouts of 25, and full buyouts of 45 people, on a case by case basis. (Please email info@superfluxcabana.com)
  • For reservations of 12+, please email info@superfluxcabana.com
  • We need 24 hours notice f

How can I get in touch with {Cabana}?

We don’t have a phone number. For lost and found etc… please email

Is the {Cabana} patio Open?

Both sides of our patio are complete and open! We do not have a covered patio but we do have heating!

Is there room for big groups at {Cabana}?

Yes! Our largest table in the lounge can comfortably accommodate 8 guests, maybe 12 if you are willing to cozy up!

There is space on our patio for groups of up to 8 people. Keep in mind this too will be first come first serve.

For groups bigger than 6 {we get it, you got lots of friends} we will do our best to seat you at tables next to or nearby during non-peak times. However, during peak times we may not be able to seat you at the same time or at nearby tables, or add you to the waitlist and maybe have to split your group.

Groups of 11+ are encouraged to make reservations by emailing info@superfluxcabana.com. Our reservation policy can be found here

Can we order {Cabana} to go?

Our cans and food menu are available for pickup. Delivery is available through DoorDash.

What beers are available at {Cabana}?

Our tap list and cans to-go are updated regularly on our website – you can check them out here. If it’s available, it’s fresh.

What can my non-beer drinking friends have?

We have a fun lineup of non-beer beverages available, each vacation or tailgating ready. You can see our non-beer drinks here.

Can you accommodate dietary requirements?

We have veggie and vegan options. There are gluten-friendly options {gluten-free buns} but we cannot guarantee anything to be completely gluten-free as our main gig Superflux is big on all kinds of Barley Sandwiches, and cross-contamination is always a risk.

Can kids come to {Cabana}?

Superflux {Cabana} is designed comfortably for adults. And adults love booze, big meals and songs that say f*ck.

Kids are welcome to hang out in our {Cabana}- provided they stay supervised and seated at the tables.

{Cabana} is an intimate space without booster seats, high chairs, change tables or a kids menu. We do not allow the use of crayons or colouring at our tables.

Can our dog come with us to {Cabana}?

Sadly, the {Cabana} Lounge and Patio are not pet-friendly.

What are these {} for?

These little brackets { } have a variety of names; they are called braces, curly brackets, or squiggly brackets. Usually, these types of brackets are used for lists, but online, they also signify hugging in electronic communication. How cute. We like to think of them as a little Cabana that the word Cabana sits comfortably in.

Is {Cabana} Accessible?

Yes! Ring the doorbell located at the bottom of our stairs, and one of our friendly staff will come down and assist you.